Hi there!


Welcome to my portfolio website! I am delighted to welcome you here and give you a glimpse into my world as a photographer. My passion for photography and my curiosity about the human story have already led me to some intriguing places and events, where I capture reality with my camera. The power of images to arouse emotions and tell stories has always fascinated me. As a photojournalist, my mission is to use this power to capture important events and issues in society and share them with others. I believe that photojournalism has the power to create awareness, move people and perhaps even bring about change. On this website you will find a selection of my reports and self-initiated photo series. Each image tells a unique story. I believe that every image has the power to change our perspective and make us think about the world around us.

As a photojournalist, I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to share my vision. I am open to collaborations and assignments, both nationally and internationally. So if you are interested in my work or if you have a project where you think my photography could have added value, feel free to contact me!