Homeless in COVID times

The coronavirus crisis is affecting a large number of people. For this series, I followed Dennis, a 44-year-old man who is homeless. Being homeless during these times of corona is particularly challenging. While normally the Salvation Army can accommodate four people in a room at night, they can now only allow two. To ensure social distancing of one and a half meters as much as possible, the capacity has been halved. This means that half of the homeless individuals who would typically find shelter, warmth, and dryness at the Salvation Army now, in principle, have to sleep outside. Some municipalities accommodate the homeless in hotels or other places, but the municipality where Dennis resides did not do so as long as the measures were not tightened. Consequently, he was forced to sleep outside. Fortunately, he found a dry spot between some beehives in a park. I followed him with my camera for an extended period, from sleeping among the beehives to getting his own house.