Izium, Kharkiv region

Between March 3, 2022 and April 1, the Battle of Izium took place. For more than four weeks, the Ukrainian army fought against the Russian army that wanted to occupy the city. On April 1, unfortunately, the announcement came that the city had fallen completely into Russian hands. After the liberation of Izium in September 2022, the Ukrainian army found mass graves where more than 440 corpses were irreverently buried, some with their hands tied. More than 80% of all residential buildings in the city were damaged by the battle. Residents who remained behind have been without power, heating and water for quite some time because these facilities were also damaged. Despite the enormous devastation, life is slowly returning. The streets are mostly debris-free and people are already living in some flats. However, many shops and banks are still closed. This results in queues for facilities that are still open.