Oleksandrivka, Kherson region

The Russians occupied the village of Oleksandrivka (Kherson region) for more than seven months. After the Ukrainian army recaptured the village on November 10, 2022, little was left standing. Both the Russian conquest and the Ukrainian reconquest caused a lot of damage. The Russians hid in the houses abandoned by residents, dug trenches and stationed their tanks between the houses. The village is now desolate. Everywhere you look you see totally destroyed houses, empty shell casings and abandoned trenches. The deep wounds of the Russian occupation are clearly visible.

One of the few residents who returned home is 78-year-old Valia. In her house, the Russians kept themselves “like pigs” for months. It took a lot of effort, but indoors she has now cleaned and tidy everything up again. The Russian Z symbols are still clearly visible on the outer walls. In and around the house Valia found several Russian military uniforms, left by the Russian troops. Valia has also found several grenades and mines in her garden. She just picks it up with her hands: I’m not afraid anymore.” Just like in the rest of the village, the house no longer has electricity…